What Is CBD



     Within the last five years the general public has become a customized to using CBD oils. Studies have shown that CBD can have a very positive impact on an individual’s health. CBD is also known as cannabidiol and it is found in the resinous of the cannabis plant. If an individual actually does research when it comes to cannabinol they will find that it has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Doctors and scientists across the globe are currently running an experiment to confirm and validate the positive effects that is related to CBD usage. It is also a plus to use CBD if medically cleared by doctor because it is a safe non addictive substance. Another important aspect of CBD usage is that it does not get an individual high like THC would.

What Conditions Is CBD Used To Treat

     In today’s society people are looking for natural medications or healing methods to try and avoid the horrible side effects that come along with pharmaceutical usage. The most common conditions that CBD provides relief from is chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and depression. CBD is also said to have anti-cancer properties as well. In relation to pain medical doctors and scientists state that it interacts with the nervous system and the immune system to reduce pain. A university by the name of University of Sao Paulo did a study and found that the calming effects of CBD had a positive effect on relieving anxiety. The New England Journal of Medicine found in a study that individuals suffering from an epileptic condition known as Dravet Syndrome had a 38.9% decrease in seizure activity.

The most common cancer that CBD has been proven scientifically to combat is cervical cancer. CBD has also been found to have a positive effect when it comes to diabetes as well. The organization who published an article on the effects of CBD in relation to diabetes is called Neuropharmacology. Mice were used in the study and a hundred of them were injected with diabetes and treated with CBD and only 32 remained with diabetes 68 of the mice were cured. CBD is also currently used as a sleep aid for individuals with insomnia.

Please see CBD capsules for more.

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